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Trading the Moment

Come join us on September 1-3 as 24 experienced traders, investors, and market technicians share how they are beating today's volatile markets, and get a free copy of our latest eBook, Trading the Moment - 24 Market Beating Strategies

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Tuesday | September 1st | 10:00 am ET

 Hubert Senters |

How to Find New Trend Trades

  • Instantly find the prevailing trend on any chart
  • Easily identify a trend change without second guessing
  • Know when to sell and avoid potential price erosion

Tuesday | September 1st | 11:00 am ET

 Ryan Jones |
Quantum Charts

Blueprint for Becoming a Million Dollar Trader

  • Benefits of generating small, consistent weekly income
  • Using a proper Compounding Plan to accelerate growth
  • The concept behind the Million Dollar Option Pattern

Tuesday | September 1st | 12:00 pm ET

 Tom Sosnoff |
tastytrades - tastyworks

Options Trading in Volatile Markets

  • Overview of current market conditions
  • Option trading in volatile market conditions
  • Getting the most out of the tastyworks platform

Tuesday | September 1st | 1:00 pm ET

 Adam Mesh |

Defining Diagonal Calendar Spreads

  • One of the most overlooked options trading tools
  • Become the “landlord” of the options market
  • Collect premiums with Diagonal Calendar Spreads

Tuesday | September 1st | 2:00 pm ET

 Jeff Tompkins |
Altos Trading

How to Accurately Predict Market Direction

  • Identifying high probability buy areas in uptrends
  • Finding high probability sell areas in downtrends
  • Strategy for any market, time frame, and direction

Tuesday | September 1st | 3:00 pm ET

 Silas Peters |
Seasonal Swing Trader

Price Action Formula for Spotting Reversals

  • A “go-to” chart pattern that works in any market
  • Simple technique that removes emotions from trading
  • How to find clear entry, exit, and risk price points

Tuesday | September 1st | 4:00 pm ET

 Brian Stickney |

3 Simple Steps to a Proven Trading Edge

  • How to identify a directional bias in any market
  • Take the guesswork out of picking market entries
  • Easy technique for simplifying your trading method

Tuesday | September 1st | 5:00 pm ET

 John Seville |
Acorn Wealth

Market Defining Patterns and Probabilities

  • The six most powerful market patterns you must know
  • Which patterns and strategies yield consistent results
  • Difference between oscillating and momentum patterns

Wednesday | September 2nd | 10:00 am ET

 Richard Krugel |
Price Action and Income

Plug and Play Profit Signals

  • How to generate better profits by actually trading less
  • Finding trades and multiple entry points in any market
  • Leverage critical gains to grow your account on autopilot

Wednesday | September 2nd | 11:00 am ET

 Geof Smith |
Diversified Trading Institute

All That Glitters is Gold

  • The characteristics, benefits, and risks of trading Gold
  • Learn how Gold moves and what its key numbers are
  • Where to buy and sell Gold commodities and stocks

Wednesday | September 2nd | 12:00 pm ET

 Chris Pulver |
Market Traders Institute

The Ultimate Trading Room Experience

  • Using a Trading Room to learn faster and trade better
  • Why earning and learning is the best combination
  • See how full-time, profitable traders get the job done

Wednesday | September 2nd | 1:00 pm ET

 Steven Brooks |
Stony Brook Securities

Beating the Market in 2020

  • Investing one day a week can supplement your income
  • Two strategies for trading less and making more
  • Scale up your investment without taking on more risk

Wednesday | September 2nd | 2:00 pm ET

 Gavin Holmes |

Trading in the Market’s Footsteps

  • Learn to focus on what professional money is doing
  • Uncover the true market sentiment before you invest
  • Use Volume Spread Analysis for high probability trades

Wednesday | September 2nd | 3:00 pm ET

 Matt Buckley |
Top Gun Options

Trading the Death Star

  • Why diversifying your investments may be a mistake
  • Risks and benefits of trading a “solo” stock
  • Laser focused strategies for maximizing profits

Wednesday | September 2nd | 4:00 pm ET

 Kirt Christensen |

Mechanical Strategy for Trading ETFs

  • Value of a mechanical and objective trading strategy
  • Using the VIX to track volatility in the markets
  • Strategy for trading ETFs in volatile market conditions

Wednesday | September 2nd | 5:00 pm ET

 Eric Wilkinson |
ProTrader Strategies

Avoiding Pitfalls Trading Options

  • Technique for determining when to buy or sell options
  • Recognize when premiums are cheap or expensive
  • Using volatility to determine best option strategy

Thursday | September 3rd | 10:00 am ET

 Jeffrey Gibby |

Finding the Best Strategy

  • Tools for finding strategies that match your trading style
  • Keying on technical analysis with demonstrated success
  • Quickly scour market for trades that match your criteria

Thursday | September 3rd | 11:00 am ET

 Lance Ippolito |

The Blitz Tracker

  • New way to profit from 24-hour market windfalls
  • Spotting signals that a stock is getting ready to explode
  • How “Blitz Alerts” are generating significant gains

Thursday | September 3rd | 12:00 pm ET

 Serge Berger |
The Steady Trader

Best Strategy for Steady Options Income

  • Challenges determining market direction and timing
  • How to quickly and efficiently put odds in your favor
  • High probability trading pattern for steady income

Thursday | September 3rd | 1:00 pm ET

 Josh Martinez |
Traders Agency

Money Magnet Pattern Recognition

  • Pattern Recognition shows what market may do next
  • Money Magnets predict market moves 90% of time
  • Strategy for making better trades with controlled risk

Thursday | September 3rd | 2:00 pm ET

 Andrew Keene |

Supercharged Options Trading System

  • An ex-floor traders unique approach to options trading
  • Using scanners to watch institutional order flow
  • Monitor biggest traders and mimic their positions

Thursday | September 3rd | 3:00 pm ET

 Price Headley |
Big Trends

How to Trade a Small Account with $1 Options

  • How to adapt in today’s highly volatile markets
  • Advantage of using low cost options to trade breakouts
  • Aggressive strategy for Potential 100%, 200%, and 300%+ gains

Thursday | September 3rd | 4:00 pm ET

 Avi Gilburt |
Advice Trade

How Fibonacci Pinball Predicts Market Moves

  • Why sentiment is really what moves the markets
  • How “Fibonacci Pinball” measures market sentiment
  • What’s ahead for Gold and S&P 500 using this method

Thursday | September 3rd | 5:00 pm ET

 Troy Noonan |

Avoiding the Whipsaw and When to Attack

  • Staying out of the market chop and spotting breakouts
  • Leverage your risk and reward ratio to multiply profits
  • Simple tool for trailing your stop and increase earnings

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