August 20th @ 10:30 am EST

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How Nadex Keeps Trading Simple

Dan Cook

Director Business Development Nadex
  • Created for individual traders not large institutions
  • 3 contact types for trading any market condition
  • Low cost, easy to understand, with 100% defined risk
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Candlestick Signals for High Probability Setups

Stephen Bigalow

Founder Candlestick Forum
  • Why candlesticks are best at showing investor sentiment
  • Top candlestick formations you need to know
  • Using the 8 EMA T-Line as a reliable trend indicator
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The Perfect Knockout

Mark Hodge

Head Coach Rockwell Trading Services
  • Learn how to risk one to make seven
  • Great for rapid growth in any market condition
  • Perfect low risk strategy for growing a small account
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When Out of the Money Makes Cents

Bryan Caprice

Founder Keep Trading Simple
  • Understanding what causes parabolic retracements
  • How to prey on fear and greed in the marketplace
  • Technique for establishing proper risk to reward ratios
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The Nadex Secret Weapon

John Skelton

Operations Manager Apex Investing Institute
  • Strategies for trading highly volatile markets
  • How to spot potential market breakouts
  • Platform for deploying the Nadex Secret Weapon
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My Number 1 Crash Proof Profit Strategy

Eric Marcus

Founder Major League Trading
  • Avoiding the traps that cause most traders to fail
  • A simple trading strategy you can use right away
  • How to trade a small account you can grow over time
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Trading Q&A

Dan Cook

Director Business Development Nadex

Dan Cook of Nadex answers questions for traders of all skill levels in this segment.

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