June 13th, 2019 @ 11 am EDT

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Finding Big Trends with Missed Pivot Points

Rob Booker

Author and Host
  • How to find bigger trends with missed pivot points
  • How to time your entry right before the moment of "takeoff"
  • How to identify a false trend breakout and avoid frustrating losses
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Special Offer: The Knoxville Divergence Indicator

Algorithmic Trading Elevated


Professional Trader/Educator

In this special webinar presentation, I'll talk about a use of AI to make better decisions when it comes to risk management and trading in the market place.

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Special Offer: 5 Way to Win in a Post BTFD Market

Are You Missing The Big Trending Moves?

Steven Primo

ProTrader Strategies

Ask yourself this question: with the year nearly half over, how is your trading going? Are you watching trades slip away by missing the big trending moves? Join Steven Primo, former Stock Exchange Specialist and 42-year veteran trader, as he reveals one of his favorite strategies for capturing big trending moves. In this educational webinar, Mr. Primo will teach you how to trade this strategy by using a simple step-by-step process.

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Special Offer: Steven Primo’s Bollinger Band Strategy