NOVEMBER 8TH, 2018 @ 11AM ET

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How to Hunt and Stalk Institutional Money for Pinpoint, Deadly Accurate Entries and Exits

Troy Epperson

Head Trader
NOFT Traders
  • To stop showing up multiple ticks too late and start arriving to profitable trades on cue.
  • How to take the huge learning curve out of Futures and start banking on them, like clockwork.
  • Techniques developed exclusively for retail traders -- so you can stop trying to make institutional strategies work (because they never will for a small account)
  • To integrate these strategies with what you’re already doing -- so you don’t have to start from scratch!
  • And so much more...
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Finding Big Trends with Missed Pivot Points

Rob Booker

Author and Host
  • How to find bigger trends with missed pivot points
  • How to time your entry right before the moment of "takeoff"
  • How to identify a false trend breakout and avoid frustrating losses
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The Floor Trader's Edge to Option Trading

Mark Sebastian

Managing Partners
  • Understand why options price high or low
  • Learn why traders buy and sell options
  • Increase the edge of a trade every time its executed
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Using Options to Protect Your Portfolio

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

Chief Strategist
  • Steps to hedging a portfolio
  • Tips and tricks on how to never sell stock again
  • Ideas on using options property
  • The power of compounding a portfolio
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A Great Strategy To Help You Become A Consistent Trader

Steven Primo

Pro Trader Strategies
  • One of Steven’s favorite trend-following strategies
  • Proprietary indicator application
  • Clear and precise entry and exit rules
  • All parameters known before trade takes place
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