October 24th, 2018 @ 11am ET

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Trading Pure Price Action Like The Pros

Dr. Barry Burns

Top Dog Trading
  • Every price bar on a chart tells a story ... IF you know how to read it accurately. Link the "stories" of those bars together, and you can trade profitably!
  • In this presentation you'll learn how to read price action like the professionals and you'll be walked through charts bar-by-bar so you can learn how to do it yourself!
  • As an extra bonus, you'll be shown how to actually see when the professional traders are entering and exiting the market so you can "shadow" their trades!
  • Whether you trade stocks, futures, Forex or options, this could be the key you've been looking for.
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T-line Trading for Fast Profits

Steve Bigalow

Candlestick Forum
  • How to protect your gains when trading
  • Early alerts when a trend is about to turn against you
  • How to see when it's safe to stay in a trend
  • How to see optimal selling points in oversold conditions
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Ridiculously Simple ETF Trading System Consistently Outperforms Market Indexes!

Kirt Christensen

Trading Science
  • Most traders have zero desire to "day trade" or be chained to their desk, but still desire an aggressive mostly return
  • Technical study, with commonly available indicators, isn't likely to work, why you've got to look at things that are "off the radar"
  • The only 3 things that the market data shows up, and which is the least understood
  • The simple 3 word phrase that turned it all around for me, and has resulted in thousands of profitable trades
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Trading Low-Priced Stocks

Vince Vora

Trading Wins
  • Learn to find sub-$10 stocks that are ready to break out
  • Why some low-priced stocks are better trade candidates than others
  • How to leverage your positions with inexpensive options
  • How to creatively manage your positions to minimize risk
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