Risk vs Reward

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Price Headley

  • How the “Ultra-Momentum” system finds surging stocks
  • Bank profits using multiple profit targets and indicator exits
  • Why trading low-priced stocks can yield the best returns

Larry Gaines

  • Option Butterfly Strategy with 10:1 risk-to-reward returns
  • The secret to profits using Butterflies and Long Condors
  • Little known option defense that will reduce trading stress

Richard Krugel

  • Improve profits trading only a few special signals a month
  • Find multiple entry points without fear of missing a trade
  • Leverage gains without extra risk or having a large account

Stephen Bigalow

  • 2 powerful patterns that signal high profit opportunities
  • Quickly spot stocks that are ready to make a breakout
  • Clearly see the best high probability entry & exit points