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Bubba Horwitz

The Bubba Show

  • Algorithmic Trading Platform for All Types of Traders
  • Take Simultaneous Advantage of Market Ups & Downs
  • Using Diversification to Build Confidence & Consistency

Jeffrey Gibby


  • Finding Your Best Risk/Reward “Comfort Zone”
  • Tools That Help Tweak and Optimize Your Strategies
  • Scouring the Market to Quickly Find Your Best Setups

Troy Noonan

Backpack Trader

  • How to Counter Punch an Exhausted Market for Profits
  • Avoiding the Whipsaw of the Market to Generate Gains
  • Identify Market Breakouts to Capture High Profit Potential

Special Offer: Counter Punch XPRESS 2.0

Steven Primo

Pro Trader Strategies

  • Strategy Can Be Applied to Any Market or Time Frame
  • Method Applies a Unique Indicator Setting That You’ll Learn
  • Step-by-Step Explanation of All the Basic Trading Rules

Special Offer: Special 2 Strategy Pack

Jeff Tompkins

Altos Trading

  • Frustrated with Inconsistency in Your Options Trading
  • Discover How to Adjust Virtually Any Losing Options Trade
  • Learn How to Trade and Profit from These Adjustments

Special Offer: Trade Alert Signal Package

Mark Helweg

3X Options

  • 3 Secret Market Conditions that Predict Big Moves
  • How This Strategy Makes Trading These Conditions Simple
  • Why Using Calls and Puts Can Make Even Bigger Profits

Special Offer: Traffic Light Options

John Seville

Acorn Wealth Corp

  • Technical Analysis Hacks that Will Make the Charts Sing
  • Cut Thru Chaos by Detecting the Most Powerful Patterns
  • Unique “Set & Forget” Strategy that Eliminates Emotions!

Special Offer: Smart Money Trading Package

Hubert Senters

Senters Group

  • How to know the prevailing trend instantly on any chart
  • Identify a trend change without second guessing yourself
  • Know when it’s time to sell and avoid further falls in price

Silas Peters

Seasonal Swing Trader

  • Profit From Key Market Changes on Both Sides of Market
  • Protect Yourself- Identify Weak Trends Putting You at Risk
  • How Trading Less Increases Your Trading Success

Special Offer: Divergence Dominator Pro