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Naughty or Nice
17 Strategies for Beating Next Year’s Markets

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Wednesday | January 13th | 11:00 am ET

 Larry Gaines |
PowerCycle Trading

High Return - Low Risk Option Spread Strategies

  • Option Butterfly Strategy with 10:1 risk-to-reward returns
  • The secret to profits using Butterflies and Long Condors
  • Little known option defense that will reduce trading stress

Wednesday | January 13th | 11:45 am ET

 Geof Smith |
Diversified Trading Institute

Using Bonds for Income

  • Understanding and leveraging the bond market
  • How selling bond options can be a low-risk alternative
  • Alternative approaches that use ETFs to trade bonds

Wednesday | January 13th | 12:30 pm ET

 Lance Ippolito|

How to Identify Shadow Blitzes

  • New way to profit from 24-hour market windfalls
  • Spot “Shadow Blitzes” on stocks getting ready to explode
  • How “Blitz Alerts” are generating significant gains

Wednesday | January 13th | 1:15 pm ET

 Gavin Holmes |

Trade in Harmony with the Smart Money

  • Learn to focus on what professional money is doing
  • Uncover the true market sentiment before you invest
  • Use Volume Spread Analysis for high probability trades

Wednesday | January 13th | 2:00 pm ET

 Dr. Barry Burns |
Top Dog Trading

Finding and Trading Big Market Moves

  • Patterns that predict big moves before others see them
  • How to spot market entries for maximum profit potential
  • Keeping your losses small and letting your winners run

Wednesday | January 13th | 2:45 pm ET

 Pat & Niki Johnson |
Westmark Trading

Beer with the Boys - Ask the Experts

  • Discuss highlights from the Market Master workshop
  • Bring back some our speakers for their final thoughts
  • Answer questions from our audience about the markets

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